As of now, I’m putting my blog on and redirecting I’ll sort any issue with the feed as it comes up. Getting ready to pull this blog out of mothballs.

Onebox makes baby cry

I clicked on a link to today, because it was recommended on a discussion list I’m on.  I had my two week old baby, Lidia, with me.  When you click on the site, it starts a flash file that has an annoying song playing along with a voice that makes babies cry like they’ve […]

How to float your Adsense code in the text

I needed this bit of info recently, and thought I’d repost it. I’ll know where to find it, and maybe someone else will find it useful too. If you want to float your Adsense (or whatever else, for that matter) in the text so the text wraps around it, you can use this snippit of […]

Greater Boston Webmasters February Meetup

If you’re in the Boston area on Feburary 15th, join the group! When: Thursday, February 15, 2007, 6:30 PM 20070215T233000Z Where: O’Naturals 149 Great Rd Acton , MA 01720 9782660222 Info/Map

Wikipedia nofollows is best thing since sliced bread

I don’t really think I get why SEOs think they have a God-given right to get a non-nofollowed link from the Wikipedia. Wikipedia hurts poor, innocent businesses if they don’t allow the links. I know links are the lifeblood of SEO. Links are an SEO’s crack. I checked, and we don’t even have a Constitutional […]

Why I get Frustrated with giving Free SEO Advice

If you give away something of value for free is its perceived value nothing? I often get asked for advice on someone’s website. Mostly from people I don’t even know. Most of the time, if I take the time to give a decent suggestion or two, I’m left with a feeling of frustration. It’s like […]

Sitepoint Kicking Butt in rustybrick’s new search

Well, I enjoyed seeing this.  At Search Engine Roundtable, rustybrick just announced a Google CSE he put together with about a dozen of the top forums in the industry. His example search, for “minus 30” shows a thread at Sitepoint in the top result.   So, I’m loving it!

Google Killer

A couple of friends, John Scott and Jeff Behrendt have launched a new service.  They’re apparantly branding it as a “Google Killer.”  See more info on it here. It’s a new twist on the text links marketplace.  Actually, it simplifies things very much.  It’s $20 for a link.  No monthly fee.  No guessing at a […]

Greater Boston Webmasters January Meetup

I’d like to invite everyone who can make it to the Boston area to the January 17th first meeting of the Greater Boston Webmasters.  I’ve been asked on a number of occasions about arranging a local webmasters group, and one of my goals for 2007 is to build more relationships locally, and I think this […]