Can You Predict Google Knol’s Demise?

I say 14 months, 3 days. It’s going to take up too many resources for Google to make a go of it. It’s going to get spammed to death, like Squidoo. Even the best pages will be thinly disguised self-promotion (except the ones Google employees do). What’s your prediction?


  We’re getting too many phone calls from these people. Phone number 866-267-9392. Anyone else getting messages like this one? We’re on the Federal ‘Do Not Call’ list. These calls are obviously a blatant attempt to skirt around that. If you’re getting calls from these people as well, please leave a comment. If enough […]

What Does Your Web Presence Say About You?

Much of the time when I meet someone, I google them. Sometimes I’ll google them after meeting, but more importantly if it’s an arranged meeting with someone I’ll google them before meeting them. To me, this is normal. I’ve also been cognizant of whether others do some investigating of me. Sometimes I’ll hear subtle clues, […]

Ideas are cheap, implimentation is expensive

This thought came from a conversation at our SEO Meetup on Tuesday this week.  I talk to a lot of interesting people who show up at the meetups.  It’s a rare opportunity for me to interact face-to-face with people who are interested in similar topics.  There really aren’t that many of us that think SEO […]

Niche Hunting

How do I come up with an idea for a niche website?  I get that question once or twice a week.  Others talk about it far more often.  This has been around for a while, but I’ve never mentioned it.  I don’t see too many other people mentioning it either.  Google Current is a frequently […]

Made For Adsense Niches and TrustRank

This is an interesting post, giving a couple of examples for a case study on how to choose a niche for your blog.  I wonder if the reason the second blog mentioned is more successful is because it enjoys the benefit of TrustRank on the (sub)domain.   Another thought I had about this, which also […]


We all get caught up in our own lives.  I know I do.  Too much sometimes.  Focused on my own success, and how to get more.  It’s important to me to remember to stop for a moment, and think of those less fortunate, and give.  People who know me know that I have a real […]

An answer from Matt Cutts

Well, to my surprise Matt Cutts did take the time to answer my question to him.  His answer to my question was about half way down the list in this post.  I’ll quote the full answer here along with the question. Q: “Why do you focus your attention so much on SEOs and not at […]

My Question to Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts requested questions today on his blog.  I think my question will make him uncomfortable, and he’ll ignore it, but heck he made himself a public figure and sometimes that’s not meant to be comfortable.  This is something that’s always bugged me about him.  My question?  Matt, why do you focus all of your […]

Expertising – Does blogging make you an expert?

No!  Not at all.  Not in the least!  Anyone can setup a blog, and call themselves an expert.  It’s so easy to make a blog.  Blogger, WordPress, MovableType, you can have any of them, and many others, setup within a few minutes.  You can have your own domain for less than ten bucks.  The bar […]