Matt Cutts says Link Buying Still Works

In an interview with Stephan Spencer, Matt Cutts, the Google Spaminator admits that aggressive link buying is “more likely to help” than harm a website. Look for the quote a bit over half-way down the interview. This may be just stating the obvious, because anyone who is still buying links will be able to produce […]

RSSMagician Coupon

RSSMagician Coupon I just got this in – I don’t mean to review RSSMagician, but to simply pass along a coupon to anyone who’s interested in buying RSSMagician. Use this when you purchase and you’ll save 20% on RSSMagician. LUCKYYOU124112 It also works on their other products such as BlogSolution. Here’s their site:

Why You Shouldn’t Be Like Joel Comm

This is just dumb.  Somehow I got on one of Joel Comm’s mailing lists.  Fine, I’m on a million of them anyway, sometimes I read, sometimes not.  Today I read one from him, which references a website of his.  I looked at the website and noticed a really dumb error on the website.  An error […]

The SEO Lemon

I don’t often blog just to say read what someone else has posted, but occasionally I see something that’s so thought provoking that it’s worth remembering the login to WordPress and crank out a few sentences. John Andrews post about A “Market for Lemons”, a Nobel Prize, and Snake Oil SEO is one of those […]

Look Who’s Cloaking Today

  When I try to visit the following url: here’s what I see: Contrast that with what Google thinks you should see: Naughty, naughty. Just something I found when searching Google.

The never-ending nofollow debate

We seem to be going over, and over, and over, again the debate about nofollow. I thought it would be worthwhile to include here a couple of comments that I made on other blogs. This is what I posted in response to Loren’s post that sparked off this round of the debate. Great linkbait Loren! […]

Linking to Bloggers in your Professional Peer Group

Ken Yarmosh knows what I mean.  I’ve been making a pointed effort over the past few months to write about and link to new or less popular blogs, that I find interesting.  Here, here, here, and here for example.  Yea, not much, but it’s a starter.  I like the way Ken frames the idea, though.  […]

Forum Promotion with Contests, a case study

One of the most difficult jobs of webmastering is getting a community site off the ground. Among the most successful methods of promoting a new forum is by running a contest. I’ve been following a contest put on by Lee Dodd to promote his new site, the Earners Forum. Lee created the Earners Forum to […]

Yahoo! Slurp – Please do what Google is doing

Matt Cutts posted this on his blog, which is pretty much exactly what I remember him explaining in a session at Pubcon.  It does explain why I’m seeing less of the Googlebot at my sites recently, and I’m very happy to have it explained.  The short version (see his site for the long version) is […]

How to Sabotage the Competition in Wikipedia

Wikipedia editors need to be aware of some of these insidious schemes that the less ethical search engine marketers are doing.  After my last post about Wikipedia, I hope there are some editors keeping an eye on what I’m writing.  My last attempt at communicating was a bit clumsy, but I do believe I got […]